Chong Qing Bus Station is too close to the name of the car caused by the elderly confused

has been to a lot of cities, the most worried than to leave, looking for a bus stop. Because many of the city’s bus stations tend to let visitors into a confused situation, which is not clear which one? Today Xiaobian introduce you to the story of the Chong Qing Bus Station is confusing!

"Chong Qing Bus Station" and "Chongqing bus station" straight-line distance of more than 100 meters, with the nearby Caiyuanba train station, but you get better?

took advantage of the "51" holiday to visit Chongqing two more than and 80 year old man, was free to return to Luzhou in May 3rd. City transportation group service center relevant responsible person said that the two stations are used for a long time, the direction of line distribution is relatively clear, "blind name will affect passenger travel".

reporter visited the two stations, and roughly combed the main city of the bus station around the car to move to facilitate the needs of the public.

online booking "Caiyuanba" has three stations

two elderly ladies and gentlemen, respectively. Before the May Day holiday, two people from Luzhou to visit relatives and friends in Chongqing. 2 evening, relatives help in the "Chongqing highway passenger ticket network" to buy back to Luzhou long-distance bus tickets. Relatives of the open web, in the choice of "starting point", have optional three station related to Cai Yuanba Cai Yuanba: Chongqing tourism center, Chong Qing Bus Station (Cai Yuanba), the bus station in Chongqing (Cai Yuanba).

that Mr. Hou and relatives are "confused": three to which the Caiyuanba station? Relatives asked a friend to call one by one, no one can say clearly that the three station Caiyuanba difference, some even said, "is not a bus station?".

to the "Chongqing bus station" almost miss

later, relatives finally made one by one click, "Chong Qing Bus Station (Caiyuanba)" two ticket for Luzhou.

3 morning, two elderly relatives drove to the Caiyuanba ride, Xiangyang tunnel, all the way to see the "Chongqing bus station" the station set up signs.

relatives said that the car to Chongqing bus station ", the station found" in addition to the station that said showmanship to Luzhou ", and there is no bus to Luzhou. "I was carrying two old men, quickly asked around the vendors, vendors said to go to the railway station bus station to sit there."

had relatives holding two 80 year old elderly, the underground passage, go to the train station Caiyuanba Bazi "Chong Qing Bus Station", finally catch up with the bus. "On the ground floor of an underground passage, a road across the line

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