Entrepreneurial guidance to open the fabric store what tricks

open a cloth shop, the cost is not very high, the income is not bad, many entrepreneurs are optimistic about. However, you should also pay attention to the way to open the fabric store, you want to accumulate experience in the store, the accumulation of contacts, the accumulation of funds, the following small strategy can not be ignored.

1, posted on the wall

store again small, also a career, do not think that open fabric shop just to make a living, now a lot of people because of love to shop. Create a wall with paint, wallpaper, background, wood, and even cloth, paste the above please advertising company logo design (of course with name card, uniform standard color, font), business philosophy, cultural philosophy.

as in textile: which have not fuanna night tonight, Menglan: good dream place to start, you can put your cultural ideas, such as: to create a better quality of life, give you a beautiful home and express, which is also the embodiment of enterprise culture, to attract people to resonate, even 35 square meters, less display a curtain, give your own shop to the soul, the eye, the best place is the cashier at the entrance or.

The calculation formula of

if you still want to through a short foot inch less fortune, it no longer shop. The first in the beer industry to promote their own business without formaldehyde gave the impression of green beer, is actually a lot of big brands not long ago, but he did not say it, so to do promised to say it out loud, show, is your own competitive force.

accessories accessories sample together with the cost of posting on the wall: of course carefully investigate the average price, the same varieties do not higher than the market price, this part is used to supplement the labor costs and profits, it is best not to use too much of the time, often affects the entire fabric of the quality of the products. The use of the most common accessories business skill, do not ignore the accessories, often accessories can enhance the grade fabric, so try to purchase some others no accessories lace is not afraid of people, may be appropriate to increase the profit ratio.

2, printed on paper

the small shop, also have exquisite color printing, in addition to leaflets opening and promotion period issued, the conditions can also print color pictures, generally about 20 pages, there are business philosophy, product knowledge, maintenance knowledge, product pictures, engineering cases, generally when the small advertising company can complete, consider store capacity, less set >

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