Operation of the road – 90 small boss Wen Wei’s whole

said the boss, now I am afraid that few people will take such a call and 90 link, but also has a lot of 90 have made great achievements in their favorite industry, and also become a successful small boss, Wen Wei is such an entrepreneur. Next, let Xiaobian with everyone to understand the operation of the text of the Wei road.

has a bias of "90" in the eyes of many people, that is some personality, selfish and irresponsible generation, mostly 90 clothing neet to hand eat a ready-cooked meal. However, the venturi wine small master Wen Wei and girlfriend Du Yan story let us have a different evaluation of the new generation after 90. In Deyang, filed the venturi wine, almost no one does not know, venturi wine little master Wen Wei and Du Yan this small couple is of praise.

initial run market

after graduation in his father’s shop to help, in order to be able to truly "customer first, service first", his father paid a lot of energy. Because the only shop soon, there is no fixed consumer groups, the father will arrange Wen Wei to run the market, just out of the Wen Wei especially shy around Wen Wei traveled to the restaurant, traveled around the bar, but no matter how he did promise, people see he with a young face, don’t believe him. He could only go back home, waiting for his father to come forward. However, he has been determined in his heart: be sure to do a good job in this line, will not be looked down upon by others.

since running the market we do not believe him, Wen Wei will assume the task of door-to-door. Customer a phone, Wen Wei had to ride on the delivery of the battery car on the road, regardless of cold or heat. These are not what, let the Wen Wei can not accept is a delivery way to meet some old classmates, see Wen Wei riding a bad battery car delivery, a face of contempt, said some sarcasm, let the great pride seriously injured. The students left, Wen Wei could not help but burst into tears. Also secretly determined, must rely on their own to lay down a mountain.

business stability services Huan

after two years of training, Wen Wei met a lot of customers, can take charge as chief of in business. In order to give him a better platform for his father, he put the cigarette business in the home to Wen Wei and his girlfriend. The couple get the opportunity to exercise this extra treasure, but also feel the heavy responsibility on the shoulders. The relationship between his father and his wife is not to be destroyed.


two is very enthusiastic to introduce customers to their products, but most customers to see this little old boss, all face the question, on 90 biased customers they didn’t believe the boss, in the eyes of their two people is truly rich two generations.

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