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shop in Taobao is indeed able to enjoy a lot of support, however, because many of the new support for the Taobao policy can not be a good understanding, resulting in some misunderstanding. In fact, the novice seller can get Taobao’s support, but did not do in place will lose this support, Taobao support period of 3 errors is what? How to avoid it?

Taobao support 3 major errors

1. massive shelves baby

I believe that a large number of novice sellers in the shop, always eager to find a source, and then immediately to the supplier to your product data package, all uploaded to our shop. Whether it is Ali consignment, Tmall get the package to get the supply and marketing, are directly and quickly upload all products, whether he is to give us 200, 300, or even a total of 1000, all uploaded to their shops.

this is a fatal mistake. The official rules, there is such a support point: the shop sales rate. The whole shop baby moving pin rate must reach more than 50% in order to get the whole shop support weight. As for the novice seller, the store has not been a long-term data accumulation, weight accumulation. We rely on a little support from Taobao. When you save a lot of baby, you have violated the official support rules. Also, you have lost control of the store’s sales rate.

what is the moving pin rate?

moving pin rate refers to the proportion of the whole store product sales. To reach more than 50%, only support. For example, there are 100 stores in the baby, there are 50 baby sales broken up to 0. This is the moving pin rate of 50% or more.

novice sellers to see what they want to do the industry, those who do a good shop, there are several hot selling baby, the answer is only about 1 to 3.

may also have a large store products 70100 baby, but the real hot selling only 1 to 2 models. So, do not put a lot of shelves baby. It will let you lose the official support directly.


to choose what we can do, there are buyers demand products, industry competition is low on the product. We can do the shelves, so a lot of shelves baby is a mistake. We should learn is: how to find high-quality sourcing, how to accurately find a burst.

2. focus shelf baby

we are always at the same time point directly on the baby, all the baby, whether it is 200 or 300. However.

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