Sun Zhiqiang graduated from the university to do the shepherd

after 90, graduated from college, you will be such a person and a sheep in rural areas linked to it? But the hero of this article is such a character, and very successful. First Sun Zhiqiang, it is difficult to connect in front of the 23 year old handsome young man and "shepherd", but open to talking, he cannot do without opening the "sheep".

"I am breeding sheep. This kind of sheep is characterized by multiple lambs per mu, high temperature resistance, high humidity and strong disease resistance……" Recently, in the High Town, Mudan District Gaomiao Liu Zhuang village in Shandong city of Heze province one asphalt road, the reporter saw the return of college students Sun Zhiqiang.

talking about the sheep and then become a successful business, Sun Zhiqiang said most of the interest to find their own position". Others are more passive animal husbandry, but he is interested in sheep and become attached to, from the University of Sun Zhiqiang in Weifang.

"when I was in college, I was studying animal husbandry, compared to other people to learn the knowledge of animal husbandry, I am very interested in farming." Recently, in the village of Liu Zhuang Gao Zhuang Zhen Gao Miao Mudan District, Sun Zhiqiang told reporters that his uncle engaged in farming, he seemed to have a special affection for small animal. When the college entrance examination, Sun Zhiqiang chose the Shandong Vocational Animal Science and Veterinary College, to return to their hometowns after the venture to increase technology capital.

in June this year, Sun Zhiqiang after graduation, plunging into a sheep nest, back home when a shepherd". "To put it bluntly, the sheep eat and drink I have all of the tube, all the links have to personally check, battle." Sun Zhiqiang said, the sheep eat grass, he should be management; circle clean, he must do; sheep vaccine, he is also a man; even, he also acts as a "midwife", in the circle he personally delivered a lot of lamb. Sun Zhiqiang said with a smile: "I am a nanny."

stood in the sheepfold, while Sun Zhiqiang stroked a little sheep, to the side of the peony evening news reporter enthusiastically: "my main breeding sheep. The sheep eat more palatable, and gentle, but the market slaughter rate is high, generally sold in sheep and commodity sheep in two ways, a whole sheep slaughter the average price in 1000 yuan, more than and 100 pounds can be sold, revenue is considerable……" The sheep look alive and kicking the fold, Sun Zhiqiang could not conceal his joy.

as long as their own position, success is not a difficult thing

"in the face of difficulties and setbacks, everyone’s potential is unlimited, you must dig, otherwise, you never know what they can do; as long as you do, you will always have hope. If you look down their own, they are not really what." Sun Zhiqiang told reporters, engage in farming must have the spirit of practice.

to y grasp the breeding technology, in addition to the purchase recommended

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