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cake to join the project selected Evanescence Fondant Cake? Ivan Seth sugar cake what are the advantages? Ivan Seth (EvAnEsCeNce) is currently the domestic monopoly of high-end art cake chain, founded in May 2008, headquartered in Taiwan, Kaohsiung, China operations center is located in Fujian, Xiamen. By the founder of the Chinese high flying (RichardStevenson) effort investment, will be popular in Europe and the United States into the art cake. "Ivan Seth" has brought a strong shock to the slow development of cake domain Chinese, is committed to providing a strong plasticity of art series cake for consumers: birthday cake, wedding cake, cake, cake, gift welfare party celebration cake, cake, sugar cake, cake and other art cake products.

my sugar cake? Look at the following strengths analysis.

my sugar cake join advantage

headquarters support: Ivan Seth art cake chain brand under the Taiwan Ivan Seth Catering Management Co. Ltd., is a professional engaged in catering brand management, brand management, brand planning, brand promotion to join in one of the restaurant management company, serving for franchisee, service to the society, serve the Chinese catering business.

management support: for franchisees to provide store management system, management system, personnel configuration table, and continue to bring new business ideas franchisee. Solve the franchisee in the actual operation of the various problems. And regularly do business information feedback, sum up experience, develop programs, the implementation of the program.

brand: the company has provided support for the right to use the registered trademark brand franchisee, tradition, brand culture, brand promotion, product promotion, guidance planning activities, and a series of services, to provide interior design drawings, VI guide system for new franchisees. And assist franchisees to implement and apply the VI system.

training support: to provide pre job preparation for franchisees. After signing the contract with the franchisee, my company will send experienced trainers stationed in the local franchisee, assist franchisees do prior to the opening of personnel recruitment and training skills (including: Service essentials, service process, operation management, production, procurement of raw materials, raw materials processing and preservation the supervision and so on) to assist the franchisee to complete all the procedures before the opening, which stores opening free. After the return to normal business my company, and keep contact with the franchisee, do visit investigation.

technical support: a successful brand must have a strong backing of strength, this strength is the technical level, Ivan Seth catering brands were hired well-known chefs, and Taiwan’s West Point master, for technical guidance, and dedicated to Ivan Seth food.

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