How to join – Gulou Ergu baozi business

no matter what generation Chinese cannot leave the steamed stuffed bun this craft, although simple, but rigid demand makes the market Baozipu brand has to your buns beyond count, brands can at the outset to obtain good consumer market, you can choose the form of franchise business. The steamed stuffed bun franchise brand in Gulou Ergu bun is a very good brand. So how to join the brand? Specific look at the following:

, from the drum tower to join the "Ergu bun steamed stuffed bun franchise Ergu Gulou set of business model, marketing strategy, technical service and perfect industry training.

two, join in the process of making use of equipment and tool shop, these tools all over the country are available, the franchisee can freely choose the local materials or purchased from Tianjin ( costs about 8000 yuan).


license to use the trademark to allow the use of "Ergu Gulou, Tianjin Ergu baozi authentic recipes, authentic products, exclusive franchise" and other similar expressions as propaganda; can provide supporting franchise authorization bronze, bronze medal, honor corporate image painting and plaque etc..

four, to join the party free to provide a unified brand image, store, posters, advertising design; the franchisee can according to their own store, we provide the reference sample and store renovation program, select the style of decoration (decoration costs and store investment of about 5 million yuan).

five, each to join the scope of protection of business is based on the area density and the economic ability to set the principle of two stores a distance of not less than one kilometer, the headquarters will be according to the difference of each region to distinguish, and from the perspective of the franchisee to divide the protected area, to ensure that each franchisee has profit. And a map in the form of recognition when signing the contract.

according to the proxy region, companies only store joins a one-time charge of 8980 yuan fee. Join the program: telephone or written application, to examine and determine the intent of signing the franchise contract to pay the service fee to join technology and industry training and technical services to the shop for many years, for the aunt to join your buns Gulou is more about the


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