Shanxi province Jinzhong City entrepreneurship Park opened

students with respect to some social experience who will face more difficulties, because of this, now many local government will create a business place for college students, so as to provide a better service for college students’ entrepreneurship, to help more people realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

recently, Shanxi province Jinzhong City entrepreneurship Park opened, there are 47 enterprises and team settled, entrepreneurship project covers the innovation of science and technology, electronic commerce, cultural and creative, modern services and other areas.

Jinzhong college students entrepreneurship Park is a set of business incubation, entrepreneurial services, entrepreneurship training and entrepreneurship training and other functions in one of the comprehensive entrepreneurial demonstration base. Pioneering Park for the 12 universities in Shanxi New District, the use of knowledge, talent, scientific research resources to enrich the advantages of attracting high-level talent and high-tech projects settled in the park.

entrepreneurial park opening, has created a very good entrepreneurial environment for countless College students. However, park not only for college student entrepreneurs provides an ideal business environment, also provides business consulting, business guide, agency license, project promotion, legal advice, policy advice, financial services and other one-stop service for enterprises. Entrepreneurship Park also carried out through the sand table deduction, combat operations and other innovative entrepreneurial training, and truly enhance the entrepreneurial ability of College students.

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