Full coverage of the implementation of the property in Xining more than and 200 old district with a

To achieve the full coverage of the old residential property this year, the Xining municipal government to further improve the living environment of the masses, improve the quality of life, strengthen the city’s comprehensive management of an important measure of refinement. Since July this year, the city began to implement the full coverage of the property to the present, the district has been included in the old residential property services 213, 1 million 860 thousand square meters.

is reported that the city’s existing old residential area 669, a total of 4 million 920 thousand square meters, located in the streets of the office of the 24, the community of the 79. One of the East District 142, 1 million 130 thousand square meters; urban area of the 234, 1 million 430 thousand square meters; West District of the 149, 750 thousand square meters; north of the city of the District, 1 million 590 thousand square meters.

in the implementation of property coverage in the district is dominated by the government, community-based, reasonable integration, division of one or more of the property service area, according to the regional housing size, environment, facilities, the actual situation of the residents affordability, service demand and consumption will, according to local conditions, a region of a policy the implementation of different modes of property services. East District for the conditions of the mature community, the establishment of the community led by the owners committee, at present, there are 47 District owners committee established. With the transformation of City District comprehensive improvement project in city shantytowns and other city construction projects, according to the specific conditions and characteristics of each hospital building, piloted by the area where the office property service center or service station service management mode to the community, the implementation of property services. West district established a government led Property Management Company, set up 19 community property management base station, the old residential areas into the property services, and focus on remediation. North District to give full play to the role of the streets and communities, the old residential property services into the community management system, strengthen the old residential property services. (author: Xiao Yu)


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