Chaoyang library to let people fall in love with reading

for the continuous improvement of the jurisdiction of the masses culture conditions, enhance the public reading ability, September 3rd, north of the city of Xining Chaoyang District Public Library officially opened to the public, the public can go to the library in North reading, will bring endless fun to the cultural life of the people.

it is understood that the library is located in Chaoyang Road south of a small garden, adjacent to the Beichuan River, is the cultural foundation of new North District position this year, the museum set up the electronic reading room, reading room, a collection of 3000 books, citizens in the leisure reading, also can book; the multi-function hall two floor is the painting and calligraphy exhibition room the scene creation practice.

Chaoyang public library for the masses, promoting the culture and reader satisfaction "for the purpose of library, carried out the public free of charge, will continue to carry out reading, lectures, books boutique Ancient Chinese Literature Search painting and calligraphy exhibition and other activities, through efficient management, quality service, rich activities, and strive to build a set of traditional literature resources and modern cyber source in one of the modern library, become a hub for knowledge and information, lifelong education school, really let the fruits of cultural development to benefit thousands of households.


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