After 80 small rural entrepreneurship counterattack become millionaires in Beijing

many people said in the body after 80 is now difficult to see the kind of persistence and toughness, but those in this rural guy who is very obviously. A small group of 80 from rural Liao Baojun, Beijing entrepreneurs set up their own company, and become the envy of the millionaire.

and entertainment from himself, he worked in a college for two students suffering from leukemia, to raise money for the event. Born in rural families, Liao Baojun is also a member of Beijing. He is engaged in the film and television media industry, all the year round in the entertainment industry. Around seven years later, he finally opened his own company "all entertainment".

2007, Liao Baojun graduated from college, with the previous experience, he decided to develop entertainment. CCTV new building as the center of the East sanhuan entertainment industry in China is heavy, gathered large and small entertainment companies, there is the place I want to challenge." As it happens, Liao Baojun was hired by an entertainment company in Beijing to be responsible for the promotion of stars. Liao Baojun’s mother clearly remembers, "there are still more than and 10 days to 2008, and his own luggage by train to Beijing. We do not agree with him, he went there no friends, not to adapt to the weather there, why do they suffer?" This is his first journey.

2009, Liao Baojun China entered the film industry leader – Bona film group, as Huang Yi’s agent. At the beginning of 2014, Liao Baojun left the company, and recommended

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