Distribution center two trading up to 2889 tons

Clean and spacious trading environment, reasonable and scientific management mode, so that the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center (hereinafter referred to as the "center") all businesses feel hitherto unknown modern market atmosphere. In November 18th 15, center operation on the two day, first settled in new markets for vegetables and fruits trading volume reached 2889 tons.

has a new trading environment and management mode, the newly settled merchants to enhance business confidence, since November 16th kaimennake, stationed to the transport vehicle distribution center will reach 461 units, fruits and vegetables 864 times, the total reached 9391 tons. Wholesale to the city of the county and wholesale to the province of the county, Tibet, a variety of transactions in an orderly manner.

According to the

city commercial company responsible person, distribution center project started after the operation, service life of the people, meet the market supply, in order to control price, expand urban and rural employment, promote the rapid circulation of agricultural products, promote the development of the city’s agricultural products trade has played a role in promoting and protecting. At present, the distribution center has also begun to bear the main task of winter vegetables in our province, to a large extent can ease the supply of vegetables in winter, will play a positive role in stabilizing prices.

in addition, distribution center has strong trading ability, standardized management means, large-scale distribution and warehousing facilities, after the project is put into operation, not only the service and drive around the area, meet the people’s demand for quality, variety and quantity of agricultural products, to promote local economic development, it is important to maintain social and political stability.


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