From the beginning of 4, Xining City, the establishment of the 19 temporary Spring Festival sales po

Xining City Administration Bureau, in order to create a festive atmosphere, to facilitate the masses to buy couplets, City Council on the Spring Festival couplets set point of sale and make unified arrangements, a total of four districts set up a temporary point of sale 19 couplets, set the time for the February 4, 2010 to February 14, 2010.

according to the above arrangement, the specific location of this year’s Spring Festival couplets temporary point of sale are as follows: (Jian Xinxiang Huang Zhong Lu, Chengdong District, Village Road, Riverside Road, Delingha Road); City area (on the Hongjue Temple Street, Shi Po Street, cultural street and Water Street intersection, North Street, West Palace bucket Taiwan market on both sides, Dragon Road); West District (Qinghai theatre, South Lane, Lane four, weather the south traffic lane); Chengbei district (Dian Xiang, Chaoyang Road Food Street, Qilian Road, Lane Tianju Hotel Xigang Village Road Tunnel).

City Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau in the relevant approval requirements of the temporary point of sale must be away from the main street which is 10 meters above, shall not affect the pedestrians and vehicles, the district should be signed letters of responsibility for environmental health and amenity order and the operator, ensure the neighbourhood clean and tidy, and strengthen the daily inspection work. Set the time limit expires, to do a good job delisting.


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