Our province will fully implement the air pollution prevention action plan


13th Five-Year" period, the province will improve the quality of the environment as the core, adhere to pollution control and ecological protection and coordination, the full implementation of the national plan for water, air and soil pollution prevention three action, deepening the reform of the field of environmental protection, accelerate the transformation of environmental management, and strive to achieve a comprehensive well-off society stage built environmental goals.

It is reported that

, in the prevention of water pollution, the province will be in accordance with the "programme of work" and the national water ten, propulsion system of water pollution prevention and water ecological protection and management of water resources, to the Yellow River, Lancang River, Yangtze River, Heihe basin good water conservation, promote the Inland River groundwater protection. By 2020, three out of the province to the river water reached two above, the Huangshui River exit section of water quality compliance rate increased by four last year to three class 83% class ratio reached 50%.

in the air pollution control, to focus on the comprehensive management of air pollution in two cities of Xining, Haidong at the same time, will be the focus of work to other states where the urban expansion, in order to improve the environmental air quality rate and control PM10, PM2.5 as the key consideration of ozone control, do a good job of urban comprehensive dust control, strict control of coal quality to promote coal dust control, accelerate the elimination of yellow cars and older vehicles. This year to further improve the eastern city group and Golmud and other key regional joint prevention and control of air pollution, in the consolidation of building construction, road traffic and bare ground dust control rectification effect at the same time, deepen the coal dust control and expand the ban on high polluting fuel combustion zone, accelerate Xining city 10 tons of steam coal-fired boiler out of schedule, Xining, two, Haidong completed more than 200 tons of steam coal furnace coal gas". "13th Five-Year" at the end of the main city and state seat town of PM2.5 concentration control in the state issued targets, air quality and excellent rate reached more than 80%.

  in the sewage license management, construction of the province’s sewage license management information platform, sub basin, sub regional, the implementation of pollution permits network and information dynamic management of pollutant emission industries, forming a complete system, clear responsibilities, effective supervision of the pollution source management new pattern. Strive to complete before the end of the province’s state-controlled, provincial control of key pollution sources of the initial emission rights verification verification, and timely implementation of pollution permits management in the power industry.


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