Anti epilepsy west line activities will start tomorrow in Xining

September 3rd, reporter learned from the Qinghai Women’s and Children’s Hospital, in order to improve and standardize the level of diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy, organized by China Epilepsy Association of Youth Committee of the "anti epilepsy · western" activities will be launched in Xining tomorrow.

it is understood that the Chinese anti Epilepsy Association will organize China’s well-known experts and professors were carried out in patients with epilepsy of large public events in the first people’s Hospital of Qinghai Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Huangzhong County in September 5th, 6, lectures and clinics for patients and their families in epilepsy.

Wang Shoulei, vice president of Qinghai Women’s and Children’s Hospital,

, anti epilepsy · western line activities for 3 years, Xining is the activity of the second stop. The station consists of Chinese anti Epilepsy Association President Li Shichuo personally led, experts from No.1 Hospital of Peking University, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Beijing Sanbo Neurologist Hospital research, Capital Institute of Pediatrics, Tangdu Hospital affiliated to The Fourth Military Medical University, West China Hospital of Sichuan University. The specific time for the activities of 14:30-17:30 in September 5th, in Qinghai Women’s and Children’s Hospital health building 4 floor multi-purpose hall, carry out patient and family lectures and advisory activities; September 6th 9:00-12:00, carry out activities in the first people’s Hospital of Huangzhong county. (author: David Li)

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