North City Bureau of human resources and social work to do a good job in the city to meet the seizur

  in order to meet the national urban civilization degree index evaluation of inspection, the district human resources and Social Security Bureau to create a city to inspect the work as the guide, go all out to do a good job in the implementation of the city Chong Ying inspection.
is a prominent rectification. Bureau led the team to go deep into the community, and the deployment of the Bureau staff more than 30 people, with the community to clean up the garbage dead, a total of 6 tons of garbage clean-up. The two is to correct uncivilized behavior. 8 staff to conduct inspections along the way, to the west side of Chaoyang Road uncivilized behavior to discourage education. To spit casually discarded cigarette butts, litter and other acts of careful discouraged, after a patient education team’s persuasion, most of the people that support the understanding of our work, are aware of their behavior is not civilized, and take the initiative to correct it. In a day of discouraging, to correct the spitting, littering and peel the behavior of 15 times.


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