The protection of important water sources in the black spring reservoir is an important agenda of th

days ago, the Xining municipal government on the third floor conference room a warm atmosphere, spoke enthusiastically. A matter of Xining and the eastern city of about 3000000 people drinking water safety has become a hot topic.

At the meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress of

Province, Li Han, the provincial people’s Congress on behalf of the people’s Republic of China, put forward the suggestions on strengthening the ecological construction and protection of important water sources in Xining. The proposal was identified as the provincial people’s Congress in 2013 to focus on supervision recommendations.

pointed out that Xining province’s population accounted for 1/3 of the population, GDP accounted for 47.1% of the province, the per capita water resources less than 600 cubic meters / year, is a city of severe water shortage, water from the Datong area treasure more than 75% of its production life. For the protection of the region as well as four villages and Datong cattle farm, and other units, ecological environment of the water source area of further deterioration of the status quo, on behalf of the proposed increase the transfer and employment of water source area of the population to support the implementation of the relocation project, reduce population and environmental pressure of water resources, strengthen ecological construction, improve the ecological the environment of water resources, protection of the safe operation of the reservoir. To increase investment in the construction and protection of Beichuan Provincial Nature Reserve in Heyuan.

Provincial People’s Congress supervision group listened to Xining province and related units for handling work ideas and progress report on the situation, and the units of communication and consultation, to discuss the coordination of key projects on behalf of the proposal, put forward constructive opinions and suggestions.

sponsored by the Xining municipal government, the provincial water resources department, the provincial forestry department, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, the provincial land and resources department attaches great importance to represent the proposal for the work, solemn promise: to make full use of policy and financial support, accelerate the implementation of Beichuan groundwater reservoir water source, Beichuan black spring security standards, to further improve the focus on drinking water water environmental risk management and emergency response capacity. The Heiquan reservoir ecological immigration sources included the relocation "comprehensive treatment plan" Huangshui River Basin in Qinghai Province, gradually reduce the water source protection areas of population and environmental pressure. Speed up the implementation of the "Qinghai city drinking water source safety protection plan", "black spring reservoir upstream water resources protection plan" and the water source ecological protection and restoration project construction, improve water conservation capacity. The implementation of water environment monitoring system and water source 24 hour video surveillance system construction. The establishment of an important drinking water source in Qinghai Province security linkage consultation system. Supervise the implementation of the Beichuan Provincial Nature Reserve in Datong, Heyuan province finance 450 thousand yuan nature reserve patrol, monitoring, publicity and infrastructure construction. Actively seek the state approved Beichuan Heyuan nature reserve to promote the construction of the national nature reserve project funds, the implementation of major water source protection, scientific research, monitoring, infrastructure construction and education. To guide the local government to establish the project operation management responsibility, operation mode, supervision and assessment mechanism to ensure the long-term effective operation of the environmental protection facilities. Invested 600 thousand yuan to build a daily processing of 40 cubic meters of sewage treatment facilities. Using the environment 1 A/B satellite to carry out the construction of the reservoir and the surrounding ring;

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