More than 3500 people wishing on New Year’s day in Lake Qinghai

A walk more than ten kilometers full of sweat smiling face, a first Qinghai Lake sounded the moving song, in January 1st, the winter Qinghai Lake was ignited from the enthusiasm of the north and south. More than 3000 people in this most beautiful plateau lake Xu next year best wishes. Erlang scenic spot in Qinghai Lake, 2016 love you all the way to the Qinghai Lake to greet the new year, the new year for Qinghai Lake, lay a good start.

in the crowd, the oldest has been more than seventy years old, many more walk nestled in the arms of their parents only children.

is different from previous years, after the activity, the beach suddenly sounded singing, a high level of "flash";

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