Qinghai large set of goods on-site signing 350 million yuan

October 4th, the 2013 Qinghai large scale activities organized by the Organizing Committee held a joint meeting and signing ceremony. The dealer field buyers, 18 enterprises in our province and Sichuan concentrated signed 3.5 million yuan purchase contract."Our

is a distribution of halal food and supplies trading company, Qinghai has a large number of halal food and supplies production enterprises, we hope that the two sides can reach a consensus through our sales platform, let Qinghai brand-name products landed in Sichuan market as soon as possible." The general manager of Sichuan dry Rong de Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. Ma Zhijun said, "the Qinghai large set of goods of this platform, we found the Qinghai rapeseed oil, specialty drinks, honey, vermicelli and a number of high-quality products, today we and Qinghai two companies signed a purchase and sale contract, and the other two companies reached intention contract."

The docking of

very high gold content of the negotiation stage, Qinghai Gangcha grassland meat dish Co. Ltd., Qinghai Juneng vitality source beverage Co., Zhejiang Qinghai westerncarbon Co., Ltd. and other 18 companies with Sichuan distributors and buyers signed contracts worth 354 million 500 thousand yuan. Among them, the Qinghai Tibetan sheep carpet (Group) Co., Ltd. signed a contract worth 60 million yuan, is the largest contract amount of a company. (author:

  and CuO);

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