Xining actively prevent all kinds of accidents

In September 25th, held in the city of Xining City Safety Committee fourth plenary meeting, informed the meeting of the 1 to August the city’s production safety control index and the recent special rectification work, and put forward the fourth quarter work arrangement. Vice mayor Xu Guocheng attended the meeting and made a speech.

it is understood that this year from 1 to August, the city’s production safety indicators in line with the time schedule, but there are many problems and weaknesses, the production safety situation is still grim. The fourth quarter is the work of all sectors to achieve the objectives and tasks of the annual sprint stage, the production safety situation will be more severe. Xining City Commission departments will focus on the work of production safety control index in the fourth quarter, grasp the main responsibility for the implementation of safe production enterprises, grasp the hidden investigation and governance activities, give prominence to the parking lot, building demolition, construction equipment, road traffic and other special rectification actions, grasp the playing rule violation special action to control index the assessment work of production safety, and earnestly in the work of production safety, the safety protection measures, and actively prevent all kinds of accidents, ensure production safety in winter.

Xu Guocheng at the meeting pointed out that the current situation of production safety in Xining grim, compared with last year, the indicators are on the rise, the recent occurrence of accidents caused by the relevant departments attach great importance to. To correctly judge, enhance the sense of responsibility for production safety; strengthen measures to strengthen joint law enforcement, to ensure that the special rectification to achieve tangible results; strengthen leadership, and earnestly do a good job in the fourth quarter of production safety. Xu Guocheng stressed that the Mid Autumn Festival and the festival is approaching National Day, prone to accidents and multiple period, Party of eighteen will also be held, to ensure the production safety situation is stable during the eighteen, is the priority among priorities in the work of production safety. (author: Zhang Qian)


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