Xining city destroyed a fake brand of cigarettes dens worth up to 76 yuan

June 12th, the Xining Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of public security departments in the Republican Road, No. 301, a residential rental housing destroyed a processing, storage, trafficking in counterfeit brand cigarettes dens. On the spot seized Su smoke, clouds, and other 22 Chinese famous brand, involving 91 (box), more than 4500 counterfeit cigarettes, worth up to 76 yuan.

in the inspection site, the rental housing owners told reporters that the rental of the housing is a man with a foreign accent, rental housing has been a year. He only knew that the man was often carrying some large wooden boxes to the room, the man claiming to be doing the business of auto parts, did not think the case is actually hiding inside the fake cigarettes. According to the inspection personnel of Tobacco Monopoly Bureau introduced in March this year after receiving the report from the masses, the Bureau immediately organized inspection personnel began an investigation work, after months of Mopai, finally will be locked in the eyes of Road No. 301. After investigation, the parties Zhang (with a number of fake ID) often use small quantities, multiple batches of means, the use of counterfeit counterfeit cigarettes at night. Recently, the inspectors learned from multiple sources, Zhang has a large number of purchase, they attacked the joint public security departments, in one fell swoop destroyed the dens.

at present, the city tobacco, public security departments are investigating the case.


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