Seven projects to promote the development of cultural tourism Datong

Datong County in the province to promote tourism as the starting point, combined with the actual work of tourism, to create seven projects to promote the integration of cultural tourism industry development. It is reported that JP build around the brand of cultural tourism project, started the "Datong world · the flowers of the town cultural tourism brand, continue to hold China · Qinghai classic mountain flowers will," June six "characteristics of fruit and vegetable picking, nurture and grow in spring and winter snow sports leisure tourism products and agricultural sightseeing experience, broaden the field of development integration tourism and related industries. Relying on to build cultural tourism demonstration area construction projects, from the development of ideas, development and construction projects, service facilities, scenic theme to create many aspects of preparation of scenic spot planning, planning to become the promotion of cultural tourism integration development path. In order to build leisure agriculture demonstration area project, integration of resources, to guide and encourage the Shennong nectarine base such as flowers and gardening facilities upgrading agricultural base and build specialty products. At the same time, the implementation of self driving camp, ecological conference room construction projects. Build around the Phu village tourism poverty alleviation projects, investment of 300 thousand yuan, the implementation of duolong village, Kangle village farmhouse "kitchen and lavatory" project, carried out to guide the courtyard of farming culture mining, folk customs show, wedding etiquette performances and tourism commodities into the courtyard, farmhouse actively enhance the quality and level of service. To create a new bright spot, winter tourism upgrade project is Datong County tourism today, the winter kite ditch into a number of local and foreign tourists tourist destination. This year, the county is actively carried out the 227 line of the Silk Road, the three regional tourism cooperation alliance, efforts to build the Silk Road Tourism boutique line engineering. The county also set off to create tourism toilets "revolution" project, actively seek provincial tourism 3 million 800 thousand yuan of special funds, in the township, the main scenic spots and tourism on rural tourism sites to build tourism star 23 public toilets, provides convenience for the majority of visitors travel.  

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