Xining North City Public Security Bureau Qilian Road police station destroyed a gang of evil forces

recently, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau police station north of the city of Qilian Road police destroyed a gang of evil forces, arrested 14 suspects, cracked the case of 8.

recently, the provinces to Ning Yao Moumou three people staff in Xining city in order to monopolize the small excavator rental market, vigorously recruited social idle personnel, forcing operators to operate the individual excavator rental company, and collect "management fees" on a quarterly basis, otherwise the organization personnel smashed the excavator, the social impact is very bad. For the effective maintenance of public order, crack down the criminal gang of evil forces, North Qilian road public security bureau sent vigorously with in Xining city police detachment, the 14 suspects, arrested three Yao brothers ".


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