Xining industry and commerce to take measures to regulate the real estate business behavior

In view of the existing commercial housing sales in Xining City real estate developers false advertising law, without obtaining pre-sale permit sales of new homes and a series of violations of law issues, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau recently convened the city’s major real estate developers, there are violations of the industry for the administrative guidance, and urge them to consciously regulate business behavior.

in the administrative guidance, the city administration of industry and Commerce by the inspection team announced to the media recently found many problems in the release of the detachment of city real estate developers purchase, promotion and advertising are examined in the real estate developers, these illegal practices include: the transportation, medical care, education and other aspects of large multi real estate developers will sell in the internal surrounding real estate and residential facilities will be exaggerated, and some, no color pages are advertised as, in order to mislead buyers; while some real estate developers in order to attract popularity, also released false information while when consumers consult advertising on the housing information. They said this house developers have been sold, and the opportunity to sell to consumers and other commercial housing; in addition to a considerable part of the real estate developers in the promotional advertising Although, will indicate the housing located location and other information, but often will be marked "final interpretation of a real estate development company" all ", in fact, the developers of this approach, not only violated the consumer’s right to know, the right to obtain compensation, even bargain rights and supervision rights of goods and services, but also exclude consumers shall be changed, the right to terminate the contract. At present, 14 real estate development enterprises in the presence of false propaganda phenomenon was investigated and dealt with, the 3 real estate development enterprises due to the existence of serious irregularities were investigated. (author: Guo Jinghui)


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