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Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China in celebration of the 95 anniversary of the founding of the CPC Central Committee in an important speech repeatedly stressed that do not forget the beginning of the heart, continue to move into a large number of cadres and the masses of the hot topic of discussion. Two days, from the Qilian foothills to the source of Sanjiang, from Lake Qinghai to the Huangshui River valley…… The Province cadres and the masses to seriously study the important speech, have said that the speech reviews the history of modern China and China Communist Party 95 years of struggle, the valuable experience, expounded the important connotation of the road, China characteristic socialism theory system, system construction, provides a basic follow, pointing out the correct direction for the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Must seriously study the speech as the current top political task, thinking and action into the spirit of the speech, the strength of the comprehensive well-off society, do not forget to early heart, continue to move forward, and strive to make efforts, Qinghai to build a more harmonious beauty of the socialist China characteristics of Qinghai and write a good chapter.

"do not forget to early heart, continue to believe that the party’s roots in the people, the power of the party in the people, insist on doing everything for the people, by the people, give full play to the masses enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, to put forward the cause for the benefit of the people."

General Secretary important speech so that the cadres and the masses of the province was encouraged. In learning an important speech, Dulan County Police old Tibetan people Xinhua Street Community Chahanwusu town 70 years before and while memories of the great changes under the leadership of the Communist Party of life, while the education of their children should cherish national unity and happiness of life, he said: "I am an old Party member of the Communist Party, in China under the leadership of live in a spacious house, open on the car, the past is really dare not to think, thanks to the Communist Party, also sincerely wish our country more and more thriving and prosperous." Longhua Hui Autonomous County town of four Zaba haning village Party branch secretary Ma Yingkui said: "the village from poverty to prosperity, has undergone tremendous changes, I believe in the" eight group "precise poverty alleviation policy support, we will be more affluent life of the villagers."

"do not forget to early heart, continue to move forward, to keep our party from the inception of the struggle for communism, socialism as its creed, the common ideal of the firm lofty ideal of communism and socialism China, constantly put great practice for the lofty ideals of the forward."

Director of development and Reform Bureau

Maqing County Wang Zhigang said: "learning the general secretary Xi Jinping important speech, pointed out the direction for future work, we provide the impetus. In the "13th Five-Year" plan for the start of the year, in the future I will work with the advanced model as an example, to the party’s absolute sincerity and loyalty into their own practice." Zeku county he Mao Xiang in the process of organizational learning, the cadres first said: "long as a party member, can contribute to the development of the home, is my dream, the essence of learning important speech, is to remember the purpose of the party, don’t forget the heart, for the future, to the poverty of the high road."

"do not forget the early heart, following;

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