The province will implement special education promotion programs from four different stages

days ago, the provincial education department, the provincial development and Reform Commission and other departments jointly formulated "special education in Qinghai province to promote the implementation of the program", will implement the plan to improve special education from pre-school education, compulsory education, high school education and higher education in four different stages, and strive to 2016, the province’s basic compulsory education of handicapped children, visual acuity and hearing, mental handicapped children compulsory education enrollment rate reached 90%.

it is reported that as of the end of 2013, the province has 12 special education schools, 654 schools in the compulsory education stage for students with disabilities attending classes and 2 primary school attached to the school, to alleviate basically disabled students, especially the stage of compulsory education for disabled children to school difficult problem.

according to the "special education in Qinghai province to promote the implementation of the program", our province will actively develop preschool children with disabilities, major projects will be included in the development of preschool education for preschool education for children with disabilities, children with disabilities to improve pre-school gross enrollment rate; expand the disabled children’s compulsory education scale, to fit into the ordinary school for disabled children, arranged nearby to the ordinary schools with the class, for severely disabled children, arrange to attend special schools, to provide door-to-door service for the school can teach children and adolescents with severe disabilities; development of high school education for the disabled in the occupation education, high school and secondary occupation school will actively recruit students with disabilities attending classes, improve the proportion of disabled people to receive high school education; accelerate the development of higher education for the disabled people and society Training, efforts to expand the scale of enrollment, colleges and universities must recruit qualified candidates in line with the admission criteria, not because of their disabilities and refused to recruit.

our province will also be a new, expansion and expansion of a number of special education schools, the construction of classes with special education resources in schools and accessibility facilities, such as special education escort.


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