Xining City, a city of this year and strive to national evaluation and ranking forward

reporter from Xining city in May 23rd held a press briefing learned that this year in the national annual evaluation of the last three months, Xining City, a city will control the evaluation standard for the gap; highlighting the key and difficult, pay close attention to the weak link, and strive to achieve the national evaluation and ranking more forward.

this year is the fourth batch of national civilized city to create a key year of selection, but also the implementation of the Xining city to create a crucial year for the five year plan. It is reported that in the next three months, Xining will further strengthen the propaganda and mobilization, broaden the channels, various carriers use a variety of forms, to enable the general public to enhance the creation of awareness, create to create a strong atmosphere, in order to achieve real effect in improving the comprehensive quality of citizens; evaluation standard strictly control the national civilized city to create work, weaknesses and problems in the specific work to create a civilized city exists, focused and difficult to implement the plan, to ensure that the creation of standard.

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standard and civilized city, to carry out special rectification action focus, vigorously carry out environmental sanitation, illegal structures, outdoor advertising, traffic roads, residential areas, business premises and other special rectification activities, and strive to urban greening, lighting, landscaping, cleaning work on the basis of the existing overall level, standard, new class struggle, to the evaluation of relevant standards, by focusing on remediation, the city environment has improved significantly, significantly improve the level of city management, to achieve national civilized city standards.

development of Xining city environment, traffic civilization, civilization, civilization, public places business operations of public civilization index system evaluation method, self diagnostic evaluation and publish the evaluation results, the implementation of key crucial, concentrate to solve difficult problems. (author: Xiao Shu)

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