Wang Yubo stressed the effectiveness of people’s recognition and satisfaction

  according to the Xining municipal arrangements, from the beginning of this week to the end of the month, the city sent 8 inspection groups, respectively, led by the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, the county, municipal departments and units of the 2012 annual construction of punishment and prevention system and clean government responsibility system to conduct a comprehensive assessment. On the afternoon of December 11th, party secretary and mayor Wang Yubo went to Huangzhong to participate in the county’s 2012 annual punishment and prevention system construction and clean government responsibility assessment conference and speech. Wang Yubo stressed that all Party members and cadres should take the overall situation in mind the spirit, the spirit of courage to play, "fine" management philosophy, the attitude of the party’s eighteen strict in demands on determining the route and policy implementation, to the provincial government, the municipal government’s decision to deploy the implementation to solid win the effectiveness of people’s recognition and satisfaction.

Wang Yubo pointed out that the general secretary of the eighteen Party’s report and Xi Jinping recently a series of important speech, profoundly expounded the extreme importance of strengthening the anti-corruption struggle and the urgency of the problem of corruption, will be referred to the "wangdangwangguo" height, but also give us great teaching, the Party Central Committee firmly oppose corruption. To ensure that cadres honest, clean government, politically strong determination. With the profound changes of the economic system, social structure, the pattern of interests, the anti-corruption situation is still grim, the spread of corruption and soil conditions is difficult to eliminate in the short term, especially in our city in the economic and social development of the strategic opportunities, investment scale expands day by day, the public power’s influence is increasing, with the possibility of corruption increase. These require us to attach great importance to strengthen leadership, intensify efforts to really hard work, and comprehensively promote clean government and combat corruption.

Wang Yubo pointed out that the implementation is the end of all our work, strict discipline, to ensure that the central and provincial Party committee, the municipal Party committee and the party’s major decisions to deploy the implementation of efforts. To change the style, and strive to close ties with the masses in practice for the people. To firmly establish the concept of the masses, with a heart of gratitude to the masses, the real work of serving the people. In practical work, we must always adhere to the interests of the people first "principle, starting from the interests of the people most concerned about, the most direct and realistic, do something to promote timely assistance, the pace of industrialization and urbanization of agricultural industry, help the masses, and improve living standards. We should try our best to help the masses to solve the practical difficulties of employment, medical care, pension, children’s entrance, heating and so on, so as to win the support of the masses.

Wang Yubo pointed out, to take measures to deepen the source of prevention in promoting the construction of anti-corruption efforts. From the city to increase the intensity of e-government construction, strengthen the construction of public resources trading platform to start to deepen the reform of key areas and key links. The full implementation of the prevention and control of risk management, perfect party, government affairs and public institutions, public affairs, to maximize people’s right to information, participation and supervision, with honest and pragmatic government escort for economic and social development. To grasp the key;

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