Wang Yubo reconstruction of the city with the city of Newcastle

April 5th, Wang Yubo, vice mayor of the mayor of and the relevant departments responsible comrades, in-depth Huangzhong County town of DOPA field, road network, research and construction of the new town planning dopa. Wang Yubo stressed that the use of modern city concept, first-class design, first-class construction quality to create a new benchmark for DOPA metro, city reconstruction of a distinctive and beautiful environment and perfect function, livable industry of Xining new district.

Wang Yubo and his party have investigated the Huangzhong vocational and technical school, Huangzhong administrative office center, the city’s main road network, the new Hualian European style town and other key construction projects. He stressed that DOPA Metro is an important content of construction of the eastern city of group of Qinghai Province, Xining is the main battlefield of promoting urbanization construction, is an important part of Xining District, Huangzhong county government must attach great importance to ideology, understanding highly unified, highly consistent action, strengthen the organization, strengthen leadership, Xiancai, gather wisdom, with a high standard of planning, high quality construction, high level management reengineering DOPA new city, building a new city name card.

after listening to the Huangzhong county government report on DOPA Metro plan of design, the annual investment plan arrangement situation after Wang Yubo held office meeting at the scene, puts forward specific requirements of metro construction work started dopa. He stressed that it is necessary to a higher level of planning to lead the New District construction. In the general planning of the provincial government approved the plan, planning design units compiled in each class, each node of the building, covered with DOPA Metro Planning and design class, to attract foreign investors, leading the city construction. Two is to greater efforts to promote investment work. There is a strong investment in the new city. To catch up with the progressive consciousness, the courage to be first, accelerate investment, actively coordinating service projects, services to promote investment, to guide business services. In the Da investment must have a new big improvement. Three is to accelerate the pace of infrastructure construction, the core is the road network, water network project. To fully learn from the experience of the construction of the new area of the country, emancipate the mind, broaden their thinking, increase the intensity of investment in infrastructure investment, market-oriented operation. Strive for about 3 years from the overall framework of the new urban network, opened the new town skeleton. Synchronization to complete the comprehensive management of the river, to achieve the formation of the road network, the river into the scene effect. Four is to be more determined to govern the city according to law, the management of the city. Strict measures to control the illegal structures. Huangzhong county Party committee and government to make great efforts, the great efforts to increase the illegal construction of illegal investigation and remediation, and promote the orderly development of the new district. Increase legal advocacy, so that the city planning, construction of the city according to law, according to the concept of urban management in the hearts of the people. Five is to further promote the study of farmers urbanization. Urbanization is the core of human urbanization. To co-ordinate the reform of the household registration system, industrial support, change the mode of production and lifestyle of farmers, the integrated implementation of policies, orderly transfer of agricultural population. (author: 1)

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