Xining Development Zone financing of more than 60 enterprises thirst

this year, the development zone through the issuance of corporate bonds, short-term financing bonds direct financing and financing platform for financing and other ways to support the financing of 6 billion 340 million yuan, an effective solution to the problem of corporate finance park.

this year, the Development Zone conscientiously implement the provincial government to help enterprises steady growth of policy measures, the establishment of the park above Designated Size Industrial enterprises to help the normalization mechanism. In order to help enterprises solve the financing problem, development zone, give full play to the role of financing platform investment holding group company, test the capital market successfully issued 600 million yuan of corporate bonds, short-term financing bonds 1 billion 200 million yuan, reduce financing costs and achieve a major breakthrough in the capital market direct financing. In addition, the state-owned Credit Guarantee Corporation financing platform, help the park nearly 50 enterprises financing about 4000000000 yuan; support funds through technical innovation, interest returns for 540 million yuan, to provide financing guarantee for the park development and growth of enterprises.


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