Xining in the first half of 2010 to continue to increase the intensity of law enforcement supervisio

in the first half of 2010, the city discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels around the economic construction and hot issues of concern to the masses, and seriously carry out law enforcement supervision.
it is to continue to carry out the implementation of the policy of expanding domestic demand of supervision and inspection, strict implementation of the new system monthly central investment projects, to further implement the responsibility to strengthen the construction project, the quality of construction projects and the use of capital management, strengthen the acceptance work of Engineering project construction, to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, the use of funds, project progress according to safety regulations implementation of the plan. In March and April the organization development and reform, finance, audit, the expansion of domestic demand for the construction of the project conducted a focused spot respectively of the central and Qinghai provincial special inspection team to the city inspection, the implementation unit of the inspection found problems timely rectification, to ensure the healthy operation of the special fund, to promote the expansion of domestic demand the implementation of the policy. Two is to carry out the outstanding problems in the field of construction work. Formulated the "working point" problems in Xining city in 2010 the field of construction management, the city construction field to carry out the inspection work carried out at the beginning of July arrangement, organization construction, development and reform, land and other departments were divided into two groups to carry out inspections of the city’s 30 million yuan more than 75 projects. The three is to strengthen the Yushu earthquake relief funds and materials of supervision and inspection, formulated and issued the "on notice" to strengthen discipline, supervision of earthquake relief funds and materials, the establishment of the relief system of disclosure of information, and consciously accept the supervision of the community and the media. In conjunction with the audit department to strengthen the management and use of relief funds and materials of supervision and inspection, investigation of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, municipal charity, Red Cross and more than and 60 administrative units, and the use of law review, check method, physical inventory and other methods for the earthquake relief funds donated materials, management, finance, authenticity the legality of the tracking audit inspection. Audited, as of June 30th, the city raised a total of 43 million 27 thousand and 300 yuan donated relief funds and materials discount, to ensure the safety of relief funds and materials. Four is the development of the city’s financial lending projects to carry out supervision and inspection. Formulated the "implementation plan" on the joint supervision and inspection of the National Development Bank loan project, starting in mid May in conjunction with the development bank, finance, auditing, construction and other units carried out spot checks on key projects. Five is to do a good job of leading cadres economic responsibility audit. Held in 2010 leading cadres of economic responsibility audit leading group meeting on the annual economic responsibility audit arrangements to determine the 7 audit object (of which 3 outgoing audit). The city administration, city merchants, Municipal Association, municipal civil air defense and other units to carry out economic responsibility audit. Six is to do a good job accident investigation. With the deepening of the "safe production year" activities, strengthen supervision and inspection, and urge local governments at all levels and relevant departments to conscientiously fulfill their regulatory responsibilities, the main responsibility for the implementation of enterprise safety production. Participated in the investigation and handling of the green coal group "4.25" safety accident and the Lake District Xia Chun Park residential construction site "5.11" tower crane accidents. Seven is to strengthen the protection of living;

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