The urbanization of Qinghai history of the most sonorous voice

start Xining New District and the construction of the New District of Golmud, to speed up the construction of the city and the central area……

a few words, the issue is the most sonorous history of Qinghai urbanization on the sound, let us see a rainbow blueprint, feel a strong pulsation from Qinghai east of new construction. This is the Qinghai territory almost throughout the construction money, will give birth to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau is an important economic growth pole, to find a breakthrough in the construction of the eastern city group, effectively enhance the city agglomeration function, promote the Lanxi Economic Zone West extension of radiation, radiation surrounding areas led to effective development, let Qinghai stand on the higher level of development. (reporter Shi Fei)

Xining New District to rebuild a main city

why to build Xining New District, how to build Xining New District

when to build the Xining New District, evening news, the City Planning Bureau

governor Luo Huining government work report, Xining new area has become the most attractive words. Why build a new district in Xining, how to build the New District of Xining, the reporter linked to the person in charge of the planning department of Xining, understand the preliminary planning of the New District of Xining.

District of Xining is the main city of Xining to expand the space of future, will undertake the radiation and transfer of urban area, and the main city functions to improve and enhance, the formation of integrated development and city center, jointly build Xining future space development pattern. The formation of the growth pole of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, the breakthrough of the construction of the eastern urban agglomerations, the transformation and development of Xining experimental area. Built in "low carbon ecological, fine intensive, innovation driven, characteristics, highlight the" Tibetan Plateau scientific development demonstration area has an important influence on the Tibetan Plateau and the construction of ecological civilization demonstration area, achieve the reconstruction of a Xining city goal.

planning range

Xining district planning control area to include DOPA Town, Huangzhong County rouchard Town, Gan River Industrial Park, Xichuan area, Xiaonanchuan Tian Zhai area, Nanchuan Industrial Park and general town south. The new district is the main city of Xining, which is easy to use the existing resources, and to undertake the transfer of the population and function of the main city. It is an important area for the construction of the urban agglomeration in the eastern part of the city.

four functions

Analysis and comparison of

according to the local conditions, advantages, spatial relations and the characteristics of the development of the new development orientation, initially identified as: the Tibetan Plateau is an important economic growth pole, promote the province’s main battlefield for the four modernizations "strategy, the world cultural heritage protection and comprehensive utilization demonstration base, livable new city comprehensive ecological industry industry should travel. The future of the new area will bear the Qinghai Tibet Plateau modern service base, plateau characteristics of industrial agglomeration, cultural tourism service base features, ecological livable new city four functions.

development goals

in accordance with the Xining, the service of the Tibetan region, leading the province, the radiation of the Qinghai Tibet, the idea of a new distinction initially start nurturing, building growth, optimize the quality of the three step;

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