Xining Confucious’Temple adds a Ming Dynasty historical relics

yesterday, a hundred years of history, a record of the Ming Dynasty in Qinghai a Guanju goods two Hussars general life of stone, reappear in front of the world, the tablets were placed in the Great Hall of the Xining Confucious’Temple East corridor for people to watch. The emergence of the monument will provide a reference for scholars to study the history, military, and culture of Qinghai and Xining.

it is understood that the general public of the stone horse field, was recorded in Qinghai a generation of famous Tian Yinglong’s life. Professor Qinghai historian Cui Yonghong said general Tian Yinglong is horse the Ming Chongzhen, former Weiyuan guerrilla, was promoted after division, and was promoted to General Office of the two Hussars are. The military, in Qinghai and Xining history office two rank rare. The discovery of the stele has certain cultural value and historical value. It is reported that the monument in 1958 unearthed in the area now tiger Taiwan, was unearthed a total of three pieces of stone, has been preserved by Tian’s descendants. In order to let the stone play a better cultural value, let more people through the stone to touch those years in history, August 24th, Tian will be donated to the descendants of stone cultural relics in Xining, and placed in the Confucious’temple in Xining. (author: Rong Lijun)



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