Our city retirees new pensions in place

reporter learned from the city social security, the city in 2015 to adjust the pensions of enterprise retirees pension work has been completed, in March 27th has been allocated to the issuing bank, this month 30 days before the city’s 151569 retirees from enterprises will get paid on time from January 2015 to March for pension. April 2015 from the adjusted monthly payment of normal pension.
it is reported that the city enterprise retirees per capita pensions increased 273 yuan, per capita pension will reach the level of 2734 yuan (including heating fee), the new year will increase the pensions of enterprise retirees totaled 496 million yuan. It is estimated that the city’s retirees in 2015 will reach 5 billion 100 million yuan annual pension payment.
for the adjustment of pensions for enterprise retirees in 2015 the successful completion of the work, the City Social Security Bureau and the County Social Security Bureau has made a lot of preparatory work, social security staff at all levels to give up the rest day overtime, one by one to verify the basic information of the personnel data on more than 2000 units more than 15 enterprise retirees, ensure quality, held a retirement the insured persons and business units to transfer work, and require the insured units to do propaganda and policy interpretation, will be transferred to the roster to return to the insured unit checked again, make every retiree Dou Qingchuming white himself should increase the pension standards, truly transparent sunshine.

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