Accumulate steadily results in better benefit the masses

comprehensively deepen the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, optimize and improve the grading system of diagnosis and treatment, improve the national health insurance system, improve drug supply security mechanism, accelerate the construction of health information……"

this year, the province’s top medical comprehensive pilot work focusing on design, key breakthrough and upgrading speed, adhere to the goal and problem oriented, overcome difficulties, strengthen the implementation, the highlights are frequent, the focus of the work has made new achievements, let the masses again for this wonderful livelihood responses to cheer.

statistics show that this year, the province of urban and rural residents medical insurance financing standard from 550 yuan to 610 yuan, the average individual contributions increased to 124 yuan, the insured rate remained above 98%; the province’s comprehensive break in yaobu mechanisms, medical services from 4049 adjusted to 9714; strictly control the unreasonable growth of medical expenses the first half of the year, Qinghai city public hospital, average hospitalization expenses for 8703.46 yuan, the growth rate slowed down significantly over the same period last year, the city public hospital medicine accounted for 43.81%, down 0.8 percentage points over the previous year; has been the construction of the basic medical and health services in the medical center (Tibet) 179, the province’s basic medical and health services organization (Tibet) medical center construction coverage reached 41.2%; focus groups of city community family physician rate reached 0.03%, the agricultural and pastoral areas of rural doctors contracted rate of 60.04%……

continued to promote the reform after many years of accumulation of people of all nationalities in our province to accumulate steadily, and enjoy more benefits.

overcome difficulties push medical reform

talked about the changes brought about by this year’s health care reform, who lives in the old city of Xining Shen Shen obviously feel much cheaper to see a doctor. The serious illness insurance policy to let him in the treatment of gastric cancer during the relief of many public hospitals at their own expense expenditure, and bid farewell to yaobu mechanisms, more let him feel the cost decreased obviously. "I have to eat 4 kinds of drugs every month, this year, the monthly price can save nearly $two hundred."

Shen Shen in the body, we can see the province to overcome the difficulties of pushing the reform of medical reform.

this year, the province launched a comprehensive reform of public hospitals at the provincial level,

14 provincial public hospitals across the province to carry out comprehensive reform. From May 1st onwards, the abolition of drug addition, the implementation of zero sales. In the provincial people’s Hospital and other 4 hospitals to carry out day surgery pilot. At the same time actively carry out medical service price reform, appropriate to improve the diagnosis and treatment, surgery, nursing and other high technology content of the project price, reduce inspection, inspection and other project prices.

province also accelerate the reform of public (Tibetan and Mongolian) hospital comprehensive reform. In addition to the traditional Chinese medicine pieces of drugs and medical supplies all canceled addition, the national medical services from the current 76 items increased to 348.

2011, Huzhu Tu Autonomous County People’s hospital nurse Ma Zhijuan monthly salary of only 200 yuan, the monthly income of about $3000, to last year, her monthly salary increased to more than 2500 yuan;

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