Eastern pushing the mass line four priorities

February 26th, the reporter learned from the East District, according to the provincial and municipal arrangements, the Eastern District to the party members and cadres of the Party issued a mobilization order, and the deployment of a fine deployment of the region’s four major tasks of educational practice.

the requirements of Party organizations at all levels in the region and the majority of Party members and cadres should spare no effort to complete the party’s mass line of educational practice four priorities: one to do implement the "General requirements" to change, without aliasing, focusing on the "four winds" not absent-minded, astigmatism, face the problem is not to avoid, not hide, to tread stone to stay in India, there are traces of iron grasp the responsibility, and throughout the study and education, the rectification spirit throughout, to really realistically change throughout, a link is not a standard, do not fall, to ensure that activities from start to finish, good to do good. – two in the completion of the city and district "provisions of action" at the same time, combined with their actual, innovation carrier, innovative ways to carry out various forms of the theme of practical activities, to ensure that the provisions of the action without aliasing, freestyle characteristics". Three to seize the key, focus on the focal point, identify the points, to prevent the style of a detour, to prevent the general, general, principled requirements instead of solving the problem of style measures. Four – to carry out educational practice closely together and implement the spirit of the the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the General Secretary Xi series of important speech combined together and do a good job in the current reform and development combined with the stability of the work, with the major task of building rich civilized and harmonious happy new Eastern combination, overall planning, reasonable arrangement, so that both hands, two promotion". Through educational practice, truly achieve the education of cadres, problems to solve, the style change, the people more satisfied with the effect, promote the rich civilized and harmonious new district construction with the actual results of happiness education practice!

it is understood that the party organizations at all levels of the region and the majority of Party members and cadres to fully understand the importance of educational practice, urgency, with a high degree of political consciousness, conscious thought and action consciously and actively participate in the initiative into educational practice activities to get rid of the chain, leaving no consciousness to "chronic illness surgery, real activities to implement the" nerve ", and the disadvantages of the style of behavior, conduct a large scale investigation, overhaul, cleaning.


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