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[happiness connotation]

happiness from life we shoulder the responsibility, play different roles, a role is to try as well, that is the role of civil affairs workers, because of great responsibility, because happiness is hidden in them. Do poor households a warm quilt, make the elderly light smile, do military and civilian yushuiqingshen Xiangruyimo, do a marriage certificate on red gold hi words, a sow the seeds of happiness, let many happiness happiness together.

[happiness goal]

Municipal Committee of the thirteen plenary session of the twelve, fifteen National People’s Congress Eight meeting and mayor Zhang Xiaorong made the "government work report", depicts the "happy Xining" development blueprint for Xining civil affairs play a promoting effect of people’s livelihood, make up the short board, bottom line, maintaining stability, pointed out the direction of the struggle, put forward specific request.

city’s home work will focus on the provincial "131" General requirements and the municipal "12315" overall goal, organize a comprehensive implementation of the "12345 project", "a prominent development" and "construction" on the two "issued three policy" to "deepen the reform of the four" Five "promotion services", "happy Xining" in civil affairs, specific measures, to enhance people’s happiness index.

[happiness support]

a variety of convenient services around pension

effectively assume the responsibility of the province’s comprehensive reform of the pension services experimental services, pension services industry development in the forefront of the province. Accelerate the construction of old-age service system in the home-based, community-based organizations, to supplement, around the "9064" pension service pattern, enhance the government purchase service basic pension service standards, boost social organization participation degree, expand the pension services, expand service crowd, let 90% elder people enjoy home-based care services. Let 6% elder people enjoy community (Village) pension services, so that 4% of the elderly enjoy pension services.

Huimin project a year to catch up with the past five years

civil project construction. 2016 plans to implement key projects in 4 categories of 10 to 581, mainly involving 231 pension service facilities, 345 urban and rural community service facilities and child welfare relocation, city mental patient welfare, the construction of new city elderly activity center and municipal pool of relief supplies construction etc.;

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