Ren Qing Jia in the discussion stressed that the study and implement the spirit of the important spe

over the past few days, the chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee has attended the twelve meeting of the provincial people’s Congress of the six meeting of the delegation of the Yushu Provincial Committee of the CPPCC and the Provincial Committee of the eleven session of the discussion.

1 on the afternoon of 15 May, with the delegation of the Yushu delegation to consider the government work report. Jen said that the "government work report" is the biggest feature of seeking truth from facts, truth-seeking and pragmatic. Report summary last year’s work is very comprehensive, very objective, very place. Find the difficulties of government work, dare to find fault, very deep. The report reflects the major requirements of the general secretary Xi Jinping four solid ", carry out the work in Qinghai, implement, report to the Provincial Committee of the" four change "concrete, especially the ecology, production and life as a whole, worthy of deep thinking. The report presents a good grasp of the reform and development of a stable relationship, the livelihood of the people people and the relationship between ecological production and life of the relationship of "three grasp", speaks very scientific, objective, analysis is very profound. The report focused on the work of the seven tasks, each task is very clear, the province’s economic and social development of all the major aspects of the inclusion, and put forward how to implement, it is very exciting.

Ren Qing Jia said that 2017 is an important year for the completion of a comprehensive well-off society in the implementation of the "nexus" in 13th Five-Year, planning, to study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, centering on the "four solid" requirements and major provincial Party committee puts forward to realize "four transformation" rule of Qing government in new ideas promote the overall development of the "five in one" overall planning and coordination to promote the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, continue to promote the construction of the "three zones" in the play to the CPPCC as an important channel for deliberative democracy and special consultative mechanism in serving the overall situation in a proactive, around the provincial government center work conscientiously perform their functions, the overall situation of reform and development on politics suggestions, around the new construction of Qinghai ningxinjuli, focus on improving people’s livelihood as a positive, for building rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai beautiful condensate heart Cohesion.

16 day, the provincial CPPCC eleven session of the five meeting of Arts and culture, sports, news and publishing group in Ren Qing Jia respectively, science and Technology (CAST), agricultural group, education group and economy, Federation of 123 group lianzutaolun members listened carefully to speak.


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