Urban poverty issues of concern to the Secretary

– Wang Xiao to the East delegation – and representatives on issues related to 11 in-depth exchanges in five aspects – dry at the forefront in the letter

consideration, He Mingxing, Zhang Li, Chen Lei, Xie Yufang, Jin, bender etc. dart representatives around the government work report, "13th Five-Year" plan itself speak freely, each one airs his own views, talk about feelings, then combining with the development of. We have said that the report is a concrete manifestation of the twelve plenary session of the thirteen session of the municipal Party committee and party spirit of "13th Five-Year" plan. The delegates went straight to the theme, focus on economic development, poverty alleviation, city management, accurate opening, community work, environmental protection, health reform and other content gives good advice and the development of our city "13th Five-Year" period are discussed. Wang Xiaobian listened, asked, while the delegates expressed their views and suggestions, and representatives of the relevant issues one by one in-depth exchanges, I hope the delegates continue to seriously consider and put forward more reasonable and feasible suggestions.

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