Traffic Qinghai people say go and dream come true

on the back of the bag, a walk to go on the trip that everyone has had a dream. Traffic improvement, the world becomes small". Last year, the province’s transportation industry development, there is always a wonderful let us in the time of the coordinates of the fine taste. This is a wonderful promise, with the extension of the four rural road, cash rich folks in this wonderful smile and laughter; is waiting for, with the implementation of the "quality project", waiting for every "go" travel; this is wonderful to promote, driven by technological innovation, rooted in the hearts of the people the development of the concept of green highway ecological environmental protection…… Wonderful constantly, the province’s transportation service level has been significantly improved. Today, the road more and more people under the foot of the road, the road environment is more and more optimized, said the dream to go finally come true.

2017, positive development, transport infrastructure, improve the level of service and the golden period of transformation and development, the first light in the golden age, traffic people in our province have been standing at a new starting point, to be together!

2016, the year to complete the transportation fixed asset investment 38 billion 836 million yuan, an increase of 14.44%, the total investment plan for the year of 102.2%. The province’s total highway mileage of 78579 km, an increase of more than last year, 2986 km. Among them, the highway and a highway mileage of 3500 km (high speed of 2878 km, a road of 622 km), the level of highway mileage of up to 7099 km, highway mileage of up to three and up to 67980 km.

key words: Highway

teeth with high-speed, high-speed, high-speed, Dechamps fragrant tea, Sichuan high speed high speed lattice…… In 2016, described the highway construction in our province the most fiery year, 2015 to complete the "three basic, two breakthrough, to ensure a" goal, our province’s traffic, water bridge builders cut paths through mountains to the road for home, and a road to more people’s hometown, with a number of our Province the highway was opened to traffic, the "fast times" to shorten the time and distance, these highways also dredge the arteries to the local economic and social development, highway repair to where, where it will activate the economy, extending to where, where economic growth pull…… The vitality of the high speed engine is also increasingly excited. In addition to speeding up the construction of the highway, in 2016 the United States, such as the construction of a small number of highways, but also improve the people’s travel environment, making travel quality is getting higher and higher.

Key words:


smooth Xining, not only the government’s commitment to the people, but also the responsibility of traffic builders. Xining as the capital of our province plays an important role to the traffic center and throat, but is influenced by the geographical distribution of four mountains rivers, leading to something to travel a long distance, demand intensity, to greatly ease the Xining City East-West main road traffic flow, Xining City, Qilian Road, the north and South wings mutual Road, road and Kunlun road traffic volume, the city clearly accelerate the construction of Xining "outer ring;

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