Work with the most beautiful dream

The river

station in the era of the hill looking back in history, is working to create the human civilization and promoting the progress of science and technology. "May Day" International Labor Day approaching, to all workers greetings to all workers pay tribute.

what is labor? Everyone has their own understanding. The farmer said, labor is the spring harvest, harvest in the fertile land; herders say that labor is the cattle and sheep together, wandering in the vast grassland; the workers say, is labor and colleagues, struggling in the busy shop; reporters, labor is a pen and paper together, go on a line of interview…… No matter what kind of answer, can be summed up to a point: labor is the source of wealth, but also the source of happiness. All the glory of life, only through honest labor can cast; the beautiful dream of the world, can only be achieved through honest labor.

happiness never comes down from the sky, and dreams never come true. Whether it is the realization of national rejuvenation of the century dream, or create a better tomorrow belongs to individuals, the lack of diligence, left the work, can only become a castle in the air. Turn over the history of the Republic, many brilliant achievements in the work of cast, many heroic leap in sweat such as rain, many great dreams into reality in the work of. It can be said that every bit of hard work, such as the trickle into surging river, spreading the wonderful picture of this great era.

there is no labor to create, there is no happiness today, will not have a better tomorrow. At present, the completion of a comprehensive well-off society in the stage has been opened, in the face of exciting times, we need to get honest labor internalized in the heart, the whole society to stimulate labor enthusiasm, release social creative potential. From the government level, set up five development ideas, enthusiasm, initiative and creativity to fully mobilize workers, develop talent growth space, creating a ideals, wisdom and skills, innovative high-quality workers team; from the individual level, the national dream dreams and closely linked, the ideal of life, family happiness into the great cause of national prosperity and rejuvenation, the formation of "dry line, love line, single line, fine line" in society. Time to grasp, to strive to work hard, diligent achievement, we have no goukan, but to reach the shore.

in this great era, countless men and women with high ideals of the dream will become a reality in our hands, this is our generation is lucky, the mission of our era. In the dream on the road, let us use a hammer a nail work, brick building, for themselves and for their hometown, for the motherland to forge a more worth looking forward to the future, with the harvest dreams moments of joy and happiness.


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