Today, the new normal university campus will be officially opened

can be used to describe the new campus of Qinghai Normal University of great momentum. Today, covers an area of more than 1300 acres of Qinghai Normal University New Campus officially opened. As one of the largest investment projects in the history of our province, the new campus of Qinghai Normal University (hereinafter referred to as the new campus) what is it like? With the official launch of the new campus, the evening news reporter to take you to visit the new campus.

can accommodate more than ten thousand students

new campus is located in the north of the city of Xining Science Park, planning a total land area of 86.89 hectares (1303.35 acres), the entire project investment of about $1 billion 490 million.

2013 September 30th, Qinghai Normal University New Campus officially started construction. After 3 years of construction, the new campus is now landing use. The construction of the new campus include: student apartment buildings, library and Information Center, teaching building, laboratory building, public building, teacher education school building (administrative office), laboratory building, music, fine arts building, gymnasium, stadium and outdoor sports facilities, student activity center (including service center), power center and health center, students and staff canteen, canteen halal. At present, the campus has become the province of education, research, leisure, living in one of the information, intelligent, ecological, modern university campus. After the completion of the new campus can accommodate more than ten thousand students.

north-south main line guide, East-West parallel distribution

can be seen from the top view of the new campus, the main campus from the main extension of the north axis, then the main axis of the East and West sides. It is understood that the design and construction of the new campus is square, fully embodies the style of Chinese architecture. North and south of the main axis of the library has been built, university students and other major activities of the center of the building, on both sides of the building has 10 teaching buildings, as well as 6 student apartments. In addition, there are experimental building, music college and Academy of Fine Arts. These buildings are divided by the main line on both sides, left and right symmetrical uniform, parallel arrangement.

terrain patchwork, beautiful environment

walk in the new campus, a building with gray main color of the building body neatly arranged. Although the campus is still tight for the final finishing work, but a smooth road, a different style of the garden, as well as all the new building is a bright spot. It is reported that, in view of the new campus construction land than the founder, superior natural conditions or combination of terrain, combined with regional characteristics, national characteristics and plateau characteristics of normal universities, campus planning to maintain the original ecological environment, make full use of the terrain. The southeast is flat, building a teaching building and library, and the formation of the main campus;

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