To improve the atmospheric environment

Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Nanchuan Industrial Park Management Committee attaches great importance to the media exposure of part of the park enterprise construction site muck processing, washing station is not standardized, take concrete measures to rectify.

park according to the city’s unified plan and arrangements formulated and issued the park atmosphere pollution control scheme, the "coal to gas" rectification work notice, repeatedly called the dust control unit members held a special work and live, to study and solve the difficult problems existing in the work of the. In accordance with the requirements of the grid management of the park’s 23 sites, the 14 roads and the "coal to gas" enterprises have the responsibility to the people, the grid management, not on the construction site dust pollution site supervision of the 17. As of now, check all kinds of construction site 200 times, the punishment of illegal construction site 8, check the correct violations of slag transport vehicles more than 500 times, basically to the construction site and slag illegal operation and environmental pollution situation.

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