Unemployed graduates can participate in entrepreneurship training free of charge

July 1st, the reporter learned from the provincial Talent Exchange Center, unemployed college graduates and college students are free to participate in the province’s entrepreneurial training base SIYB entrepreneurship training.

who attended the SIYB entrepreneurship training class, complete the entrepreneurship training plan, to obtain a certificate of entrepreneurship training of students, can enjoy four preferential treatment: to start their own business, tax exemption and tax increase tax; interest free loans of small, individual maximum loan of 50 thousand yuan, up to 100 thousand yuan loan, physical labor intensive small and medium enterprises up to 2 million yuan, only need to pay 50% interest, the remaining 50% grants from the national interest; provide free business projects; provide payment services for qualified students.

willing to participate in entrepreneurship training of the unemployed university graduates, can hold one inch color photos, copies of ID card and a copy of the diploma, to the provincial talent exchange center. (author: Mo Qing)

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