Nanshan will build two-way 6 Lane Expressway

"overall planning of Xining city in four horizontal and fourteen vertical part of the main road network in a city road — Xining Phoenix Road and new road project feasibility study report and engineering geological survey report, in December 24th, 25 by the 21 experts inside and outside the Province 36 provinces and relevant units of the review. At this point, can improve the city road network skeleton of concern and expectation, sharing the urban traffic pressure, increase the city land use space, city space layout optimization, to accelerate Xining "smooth Xining" three year action plan for tackling the pace of the construction of the Phoenix Road construction work has entered a new stage.

by the review committee to seriously discuss research thinks, Lantau Peak expressway is the overall planning of Xining City, four horizontal and fourteen vertical one ring road transport network, one of the main city expressway. The construction of Fenghuang mountain road will play an important role in improving the framework of urban road network, sharing the urban traffic pressure, increasing the urban land use space and optimizing the urban spatial layout. Experts agree that submitted to the Xi’an municipal design and Research Institute Co. Ltd., "Phoenix Road Xining city construction project feasibility study report" meet the feasibility study report of depth requirements, Qinghai 906 Engineering Investigation Institute submitted "engineering geological investigation report" to meet the specification requirements, can be used for the feasibility study stage. The principle agreed to pass the review, and made amendments to the views and suggestions, please design, survey units for comments and suggestions made by the review committee to revise and improve.  

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