A large poisonous mountain disappeared from the city

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chromium slag poison mountain was removed from

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by the Xining municipal government over the years of unremitting efforts, long entrenched in our city a city environment and public health effects of "poison mountain" was moved away, completely solve the problem of chromium slag contaminated environment in Xining City, eliminating a major environmental hazards in our city, effectively improve the city the living environment and the ecological environment along the Huangshui river.

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41 tons of chromium residue residue was treated

before, our home and outside the walls are covered with yellow chromium pollutants, every day will feel dry throat, spicy, in order to family health, had to borrow to live in relatives." Talk about the extension of the 71 road slag field, the seat of poison mountain so that nearby residents talk about the appearance of chromium yang.

chromium slag is the industrial waste generated in the process of producing metal chromium and chromium salt, has certain harm to human. The chromium slag is piled up in the open air, which is soaked by rain and snow, and the six chromium contained in it is dissolved into groundwater or into rivers and lakes. The historical legacy of chromium slag has been a difficult problem in Xining environmental governance, the municipal government attaches great importance to study the deployment of Xining City, many historical comprehensive treatment of chromium slag, decided to intensify the control investment and disposal of the power. November 25, 2010, the Xining legacy of chromium slag comprehensive treatment project was officially launched, the total amount of chromium slag project undertaken 472 thousand and 400 tons.

history of chromium slag is the original Qinghai two chemical factory, Xining leather chemical factory, Qinghai from 1955 to 1997 the production of chromate plant producing chromium chromium slag. It is mainly distributed in the special slag field and the 71 extension section of the slag field in the. Because of our historical chromium slag dispersed, the amount is larger, and the disposal process is complicated, the disposal of the time span, large amounts of chromium slag disposal line needs to transport to disposal and landfill or comprehensive utilization, therefore, the implementation of the whole process of environmental supervision is difficult, the workload is very large, environmental risks and hazards high, in order to prevent the implementation process of the emergence of two pollution, the whole process of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau supervision, to effectively control the quality of our city to detoxification disposal, chromium slag disposal work smoothly forward.

up to now, Xining four chromium slag detoxification disposal line has accumulated a total of 410535.07 tons of chromium residue disposal. According to the actual situation of the yard, according to the requirements of the Ministry of environmental protection in Xining in December 11, 2012 basically completed the legacy of chromium residue management.

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