Eleven frugal public dinner during the holiday

"These two days, I saw in the restaurant, if the food can not eat, we pack away, there is no shame." October 3rd, 71 in the provincial capital of a restaurant to participate in a family dinner Zhang Yue said.

restaurant waiter Li told reporters that during the eleven holiday, there are a lot of people in the family dining in the restaurant, but they tend to be a good number of people to order, and will not be more than enough, not enough points and no later.

"we eat out of the old man, see no waste." October 2nd, is the public before the birth of the old mother’s birthday, he ordered a meal in the restaurant, the old man repeatedly reminded him how much to eat. Just Yong said: usually busy friends and relatives, the use of a long dinner is really rare. We come out to eat, eat too sure package, with the children, which helps them to develop a good habit of saving."

now, a lot of restaurants are advocating consumer frugal dinner, eat, pack away. A restaurant operator is pleased to say that saving for consumers, has become a fashion. (author: Zhang Pu)


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