n the central square solemn flag rises

On the occasion of the 66 anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, the morning of October 1st, the municipal Party committee and government held a grand ceremony in the central square to celebrate the establishment of the People’s Republic of China flag raising ceremony of the year of 66. Mayor Zhang Xiaorong presided over the ceremony.

the flag raising ceremony to start half an hour ago, ShengQiTai around the square has been full of people ready to watch the ceremony, waiting for the rising red flag. Today is national day, I brought my daughter early in the morning." Mr. Zhou told reporters that he went out at 7:30 in the morning, came from the chase to watch the ceremony. His daughter had just attended primary school this year, he hopes to use this way, let the children experience the atmosphere of the national flag, the great motherland.

"I carefully for the team at the young pioneers." South Street Primary School Students Zhang Rui after participating in the flag raising ceremony is very excited. She told reporters that she would write a composition, the flag raising feelings expressed in words, his own understanding of the motherland portrayed, and so grow up, more powerful and prosperous motherland, this will be her memories.

the flag raising ceremony after the end of the "blessing of the motherland Happy birthday! Bless the motherland better and better!" The square still echoes the blessings of the motherland.

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