n the first three quarters of Xining, the court reduced the cost of more than $900 thousand

recently, the Xining City Intermediate People’s court for the public Ms. Zhao handled the litigation fees to pay the formalities, she no longer have to worry about the cost of litigation. In recent years, with the province’s courts at all levels continue to increase the cost of litigation, slow, free of the intensity, more and more people have the ability to pick up the legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

Relevant staff of the intermediate people’s Court of Xining city

, only the first three quarters of this year, the Xining municipal court to migrant workers, guaranteeing the difficulties of the masses of the litigants for litigation fee reduction, corrosion free case 402, the amount of 905 thousand and 900 yuan, really ensure that poor people engage in lawsuits. "The court’s judicial relief, is to make the legal fees will no longer be the difficulties of the masses of the lawsuit" stumbling block. "." The staff member said. (author: Wu Yachun)


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