City Federation of trade unions 650 thousand yuan care model workers

recently, the city’s 192 municipal model workers "Sanjin" issued in place for all workers "gold" refers to the Spring Festival condolences, income subsidies, special difficulties in helping gold this year, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions issued a total of 654 thousand yuan of "gold" model.

it is reported that former municipal management and helping rescue has been institutionalized and normalized gradually, the City Federation of trade unions and workers as well Lamor management service as a key task, establish and improve the long-term mechanism of model management services, especially to increase the difficulties of model workers helping efforts, has organized a model worker to go out to study and recuperation, and actively organize workers to participate in various social practice and social welfare activities, and guide the masses of workers for suggestions of economic and social development of the city, with their own ability and cleverness, mobilize all social forces of the whole society the concern and support of the model workers work and life, promote the whole society to care and respect advanced advanced, advocating advanced, catch up with a good habit advanced.


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